Patient Feedback

The patient is the focus of our thinking and acting. That's why our patients represent the best references.

"Hello, Dr. Dudeck.

Thank you very much for shrinking my neck knot by thermal ablation. After only 3 months the knot has shrunk by an incredible 74%. You can hardly see anything anymore.  I am more than just grateful. That was the best decision in my life. Thanks a lot for that."

D.T. from Zurich

"Dear Dr. Dudeck.

Dear Mrs. Schilken

I would like to thank you again for the pleasant, competent and trust inspiring consultation and treatment in your practice.

The painless, uncomplicated thermal ablation of my thyroid node in March brought me relief from my swallowing problems and the permanent clearing of the throat immediately after the operation. Now, in July, the lump has become considerably smaller and the thyroid gland values are normal.

Since other doctors have always advised me to only perform surgical removal, I am extremely grateful that Dr. Dudeck has carried out this minimally invasive procedure so competently and successfully."

E.L. from Glattfelden

"Hello Mr. Dudeck.

If the enlarged prostate begins to diminish quality of life, X times getting up at night and urgency to urinate, then the time has come to start researching the various ways of treating BPS on the Internet.

I already had the pill topic behind me. After about 30 days I stopped taking the pills because of the side effects. So only the known operation variants remained to choose from. The classic method TUR-P "peeling with the electric loop" was out of the question for me because of the known side effects.

So I informed myself about the LASER based methods and made an appointment. Actually, all I had to do was make an appointment for the operation when I became aware of the PAE method on the Internet.

In PAE "Prostate Artery Embolisation", the blood vessels of the prostate are closed using a minimally invasive catheter procedure. After studying various articles on PAE, I was enthusiastic about the method; a short stay in hospital, local anaesthesia, no side effects as with the other methods and no follow-up treatment.

Three questions had occupied me before the decision to the OP still: What happens to the dead tissue? What are the risks and chances of success of PAE compared to TUR-P?

Prof. Dudeck answered these questions immediately and comprehensively by e-mail. The decomposition of dead tissue is carried out by the body's own systems. The chances of success are about the same as with the TUR-P.

What particularly convinced me was the close cooperation between radiology and urology with the clear goal of finding the best treatment for the patient.

With a pre-running MRI etc., the doctor obtains a complete 3-dimensional overview of the prostate and its environment with the blood vessels, etc.. This not only optimizes the operation but also minimizes the risk.

Three months after the operation, a follow-up check was carried out. I had and still have no side effects.

My prostate has already shrunk to half its size. I get up again in the night max. one time and the sudden urge to urinate is practically gone.

Conclusion: "I am very happy that I have decided on PAE and can only recommend this method."

M.B. from Bellikon

"Dear Prof. Dr. Dudek, 

Dear Mrs. Schilken, 

After my thermal ablation of the thyroid node at the end of February 2019, I now had the 1st control in May 2019 and we were all very satisfied with the visible result of the shrinkage.  I am very enthusiastic about the process of the thermoablation, whereby I had felt nothing, in addition, nothing at all, since I let myself put into a short sleep.  Prof. Dr. Dudek and the assistant of Mrs. Schilken had given me the feeling of being *very well looked after*, you can only say a great team. I had no complaints or impairments during the thermal ablation and also now after 4 months. Only one thing I can say about this is that I should have had it done much earlier, but I only became aware of this painless procedure through a health TV show. In the past, I was recommended by various medical specialists to have the visible lump removed surgically, but this would be again an operation, I was disturbed by it. Since I have a hereditary predisposition to the thyroid gland and I did not want to take any other lifelong medication, my decision to have this operation performed was completely correct. I would do this again at any time and will also do this on the right thyroid gland at the possible size. I have already passed on my recommendation for this procedure to my sister, who is already in contact with Prof. Dr. Dudeck regarding the procedure.  

Thank you very much and with kind regards!

U. E. from Winkel

"Dear Mr. Prof. Dr. Oliver Dudeck.

Dear Mrs. Schilken.

We thank you for the first follow-up on May 13th 2019. The really very good results of this first control, as well as the laboratory results (TSH, fT3 and fT4), of course make us happy and very satisfied! Therefore we would like to thank you once again for the successful treatment of Mrs. A.A.

We are very glad that you - in the HIRSLANDEN CLINIC - were able to preserve A.A.'s thyroid gland with the method of thermal ablation." 

A.A. & R.A. from Zurich

"Good day Mr. Dudeck.

I would like to thank you very much for the very competent execution of my thermal ablation on May 2nd. I felt very comfortable due to your care.

I would be pleased to inform you about the progress so far. Every day an improvement of the now mentioned symptoms is noticeable: 

- the pain is almost completely gone (only to feel with certain movements)

- hormonal symptoms decrease (very strong sweating, nausea, mood swings)

Thank you very much once again."

H.H. from Zurich

"Dear Mr. Dr. Dudeck.

Thank you very much for your wonderful work on my neck. There is only little left to see of the "ball". Also Mrs. Schilken thank you very much for your assistance. It was really fun to be allowed to watch the operation with you two kind people."

P.-S., H. from St. Gallen

"In the summer of 2018, I had two thyroid nodules. After an examination in the hospital, I was suggested that I be treated surgically, which would mean that I would have to take tablets for the rest of my life. I actually wanted to get around that and got smart on the Internet. I came across the website of Prof. Dr. O. Dudeck of Hirslanden Zurich, where it is described that thermoablation largely eliminates the nodules and that there is no need to take any medication afterwards. So I got a second opinion from Prof. Dr. O. Dudeck and after the examination and a detailed conversation I immediately registered with him and got an appointment immediately. The operation was at the end of October 2018. I had no pain and could even talk to the doctor during the operation. I then had to stay overnight in the hospital for a check-up and was able to leave the hospital the next morning at 10.00 a.m.. After 3 months, i.e. at the end of January 2019, I had to go for a follow-up check. The smaller knot was no longer visible and the larger one shrank by 75% and after one year it should have disappeared. Fortunately, I don't have any more complaints. In summary, I can only recommend thermal ablation on my part. I am very happy and grateful that I have chosen this path and I would like to thank Prof. Dr. O. Dudeck and his friendly team." 


E.H., Bichelsee

"In May 2017, a clearly visible thyroid nodule measuring about four centimeters was discovered on the left side of my thyroid gland and a smaller nodule and a cyst filled with fluid on the right side. However, a blood sample showed that I did not suffer from either hypothyroidism or hyperfunction of the thyroid gland. The endocrinologist I consulted advised me to have the entire thyroid gland removed. And to do so before the nodules were examined for potential malignancy. Since I am a single mother of two small children, this diagnosis posed a big problem for me, as the removal of the thyroid gland is associated with risks such as loss of voice as well as the lifelong intake of hormones, which have to be continually adjusted and, above all, requires an initial hospital stay of several weeks. I looked into the findings and found out that there is a newer treatment method of thermal ablation aimed at destroying the nodules by heating. Prof. Dudeck is the first doctor in Switzerland to perform this treatment in Hirslanden in Zurich. Prof. Dudeck reacted very quickly after I contacted him and analyzed the nodules for thermal ablation feasibility as well as whether the nodules were malignant. I received his positive diagnosis within a very short time. He then performed the thermal ablation sometime later. It lasted only a short time and did not cause any pain. He and his team took fantastic care of me. I felt very well again immediately after the surgery and had no side or late effects. I was able to go back home to my children the next day. The ablated large nodule is hardly visible anymore, the small nodule has completely disappeared. The follow-up examination with Prof. Dudeck showed that the larger nodule will shrink further. I assume that it won't be visible much longer. My thyroid functions normally.

I am amazed by the results of Prof. Dudeck. Without him, I would have lost my actually functioning thyroid gland along with its potential risks and lifelong medication. Instead, I'm fine and my health is completely restored. I am incredibly happy and grateful for the help I have received from Prof. Dudeck."


D.B., Zurich

"We (my husband and I) are thrilled. The difference can already be felt inside and out. It's just wonderful. Thank you for your work."


A.K., Zurich

"I accidentally became aware of thermal ablation and even today (3 months after the surgery) I am very glad that I have chosen this method. I was awake during the procedure, was able to hear everything and after the successful surgery, I was able to admire the result right away via ultrasound. Today, as I said 3 months after the operation, about 70% of the nodule has disappeared and I have no "consequential damages".

I will recommend this method to anyone in a similar situation."


L.A., Rüttenen

""It was a wonderful experience for me to see after the ultrasound how enormously my large nodule has already shrunk in this short time.

I am very happy that I have had this method, that you offer, performed by you. Thank you very much. I am very grateful that I have accidentally read about this method in a medical journal.

Before this surgery, I had no energy, could not sleep well and had strong bronchitis every year and was often in a bad psychological condition. Since I'm in a choir, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sing anymore, because I very often had a strong tension on the right side of my neck, which has now disappeared.

Immediately after the surgery, I was feeling psychologically very well, all negative impressions that came from outside bounced off me. This has continued to this day, with a few small exceptions. My sleep has improved a lot, I have energy again that sometimes I feel like I could run a marathon. I didn't get a cold or even bronchitis this year, even though my husband has been dealing with it for weeks.

I believe that this too was due to this therapy. I very much hope that this procedure will receive more attention from doctors and especially family practitioners. This procedure is not painful and I was very well cared for during my stay at the clinic.

I hope that you will be able to help many more people with this gentle method."

J.R., Zurich

"After I found Prof. Dudeck as a specialist for "treating thyroid nodules without a scalpel" on my own initiative and in responsibility to my body/health and after we made a quick appointment, I had for the first time the feeling that someone can help me. The explanation of thermal ablation was quite extensive and meaningful to me that I agreed to the small surgery. A surgery without scars, without general anesthesia and without lifelong dependency on medication.

Today, after 3 months I am more than happy and satisfied with my thyroid gland. Meanwhile, I can wear a scarf, a turtleneck, even a necklace. I have no shortness of breath, no more difficulty swallowing or the feeling that someone is choking me. I don't need to take any medication, I don't have any scars and thanks to the thermal ablation I had done, I am doing extremely well after years of fighting for the preservation of my thyroid gland.

I have a quality of life again, a healthy quality of life."


K.L., Thalwil

"Thanks to thermal ablation, I was able to keep my thyroid fully functional.

Due to a disturbing goiter on my right thyroid lobe that had almost grown to the size of a kiwi and smaller nodules on the left side,  I had already scheduled an appointment for thyroid removal. Fortunately, I read an article in the "Schweizer Illustrierte" just in time about the thermal ablation method of benign thyroid nodules in the Hirslanden Hospital of Prof. O. Dudeck. I immediately contacted him by mail and received an answer from him personally the very next day. After it became clear in the course of the examinations that the nodules were benign, Prof. O. Dudeck's thermal ablation could take place under local anesthesia (duration approx. 30 minutes). I was able to speak during the surgery and felt no pain at all. Immediately after the surgery, the kiwi-sized nodule had shrunk to chestnut size. Today, 6 months later, I can still feel the knot twice the size of a pea. But nobody's staring at my neck anymore because of the goiter. I am glad and grateful to have decided for this "mini-intervention" in the best atmosphere with Prof. O. Dudeck. My thyroid is fully functional today. If the thyroid gland had been almost completely removed, I would now have to take thyroxine and possibly even calcium for the rest of my life. I can only recommend the procedure to any fellow sufferer with benign thyroid nodules."

M. L., Zurich